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   Whether you are caring for an adult in your home or they are still in their own home, you will find valuable information here. Learn about availability of in-home nursing care. We provide features to help you balance independent living with health or safety concerns.

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 prismcirclelogo.gif (505 bytes) Keeping track of important information can be difficult. In the event of an emergency, you will want to have all of it handy. This workbook enables you to collect vital information and use it to save time when visiting with your loved one's doctor or other advisor. You do NOT store information on a computer -- you keep it with you at all times so it remains secure and private.

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  Home Health Care
        Choosing In-Home Care Assistance
        Medicare and Home Health Care
        When Your Loved One Resists Care NEW
        Reflections on Reflections: Bathing and Alzheimer's Disease
holly-icon.gif (312 bytes)Home Care for the Holidays

  Family Dynamics
        Using Family Meetings to Resolve Eldercare Issues
        Promises, Promises
        Long-Distance Caregiving
        Transition Issues for the Elderly and Their Families
           Moving Your Elder in with You: Practical Tips & Suggestions
           The 11th Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Parent Thy Parent
           The Do's and Don'ts of Communicating With Aging Parents

  Safety and Security
        Tips on... Home Safety and Modifications NEW
        Taking Away the Car Keys: Suggestions for Caregivers
        Safety vs. Independence: A Case Study
        Safe Driving for Older Adults NEW
        Comprehensive Home Safety Checklist
        Consumer Protection: Signing Contracts
        Preventing Falls
        Caregiver's Guide to Home Modification
        Locks and Wandering (Part 1 of 3)
        Alarms: Precautions for Wandering (Part 2 of 3)
        Deterrents and Diversions: Precautions for Wandering
           (Part 3 of 3)

  Respite and Services
        Respite: What It Is, What It Isn't
Finding Local Transportation Services
        Support Groups Are Essential to Caregiver Wellbeing NEW
        Selecting an Adult Day Care Center

  Skill Builders
         Strategies for Managing Stress NEW
         Overcoming Isolation
  Bathing and Grooming
         Eating and Nutrition
         Sleep Disorders and Sexual Behaviors
         Toileting and Incontinence

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LRG.jpg (14542 bytes) ElderCare Bookstore -- Hundreds of caregiving books, interviews, reviews, transcripts, and excerpts. Browse Now...

 prismcirclelogo.gif (505 bytes) Caregiver Education Series -- Booklets and workbooks to help you manage medical appointments and master the knowledge required for caregiving. Browse Now...


 PE03323_.wmf (1990 bytes) Chat Guide -- A full schedule of real-time chat with other caregivers, professionals and guest moderators.

 newbulb.jpg (14621 bytes) The ElderCare Forum UPDATED! -- Post questions, give answers, or share your experiences and tips and receive e-mail responses with our state-of-the-art message board.

handssupport.gif (2933 bytes) The Caregiver Support Network Provides a comprehensive directory of eldercare support groups on the Internet and a team of caregivers who can help you get through the tough times.

  Caregiver HomePages -- Visit websites maintained by other caregivers,  read their online journals and learn tips.

---Solution Sets-----

Long-Term Care Insurance Analyzer -- Understand the ins and outs of buying long-term care insurance, including a free e-book and quote from a licensed professional. UPDATES WITH FREE QUOTE AND E-BOOK

  Neighborhood Network -- Find government services, aging resources and local assistance programs in the USA.

 t2t.gif (1041 bytes) Teen Resource Center Provides articles, resources and interactive features for teens who are living with a loved one with Alzheimer's Disease or other condition.

HM00475_.WMF (19168 bytes) Medical Research Assistant -- Find authoritative resources and information for medical conditions and treatments. IMPROVED

 WB01518_.gif (392 bytes)Nursing Home Quality Advisor -- Find certified nursing homes and improve quality of life while there.

mcanalyzer.jpg (3995 bytes) Medicare Health Plan Analyzer -- Collect and compare information on different health plan options.

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