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   ElderCare Online and the Long Island Alzheimer's Foundation are working together to create an interactive resource center to help teens who are coping with Alzheimer's Disease in their family. Our mission is to provide you with information, education and support in a safe and constructive forum to help them handle the daily challenges of living with a parent or other relative with the disease.
   This site is dedicated to the thousands of everyday heroes aged 13-19. We are respectful of their privacy and rights to self-expression, so we are restricting access to the interactive funtions to teens and community leaders only. We will be very careful to monitor for dangerous situations, but we have to trust you to make mature and responsible decisions.
   The interactive functions included on this site are available to all teens coping with Alzheimer's Disease. While you will basically "run the show," we do have community leaders who are trained in counseling, Alzheimer's Disease care management and community support to help things along.

---I Want to Learn About Caregiving-----

         What is Caregiving?
         Aging Happens to All of Us
         You the Caregiver
         Questions and Answers from Other Teens
         Dementia and Caregiving
         Skills for Coping With Caregiving
         Practical Ways You Can Help
         Things to Try -- Things to Do
         Glossary of Health Conditions and Diseases

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---I Need To Talk...NOW!-----

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            This list-serv group is for teen-agers and young adults. You'll find support in this group if you are affected by a caregiving situation (i.e., your parents care for your parents, your mother cares for your father, etc.). To subscribe to the list,send an e-mail to: youngsupport-subscribe@caregiving.com with this message: subscribe your e-mail address (i.e., subscribe denise@caregiving.com). You'll receive a confirmation message; simply reply to the message to be enrolled in our group, and then you'll receive e-mail messages. Once you've subscribed to the group, you can post a message by simply sending a message to youngsupport@caregiving.com. If you have any questions, please contact the list's moderator, Pat, at plalbr@hotmail.com.

----This is How I Express Myself-----

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---Who Are You?---

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