Reading and Resource List for Teens

Internet Resources

Talking to Children and Teens About Alzheimer's Disease: Fact Sheet from the Alzheimer's Association.

Helping Children and Teens Understand Alzheimer's Disease: Fact Sheet from the St. Louis Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association.

Helping Children Understand Alzheimer's Disease: Article written for website.

Neuroscience for Kids: Educational module that explains Alzheimer's Disease and other brain disorders.

Resources for Kids and Teens: Links from the Alzheimer's Society of Toronto.

Tips for Kids Understandign Dementia: Suggestions from Stella Maris and Mercy Health Services.


"Everything You Need To Know When Someone You Love Has Alzheimer's Disease," Hinnefeld, J.: New York, NY: Rosen Publishing Group, Inc. 1994. 64 p. Available from Rosen Publishing Group. 29 East 21st Street, New York, NY 10010.

This book, written for teenagers and young people, describes Alzheimer's disease (AD) and illustrates, through the experiences of one family, what can be done for someone with AD. The book explains what symptoms characterize early AD dementia and discusses diagnosis and caregiving. The author describes the stress of caring for a loved one who has AD and the emotional toll it takes when confronted with such manifestations as wandering and no longer recognizing family members. Tips on caring for people with AD are provided, such as ways of making an environment safe for them and how to best communicate with them. The book also examines the stages of AD and the various ways of caregiving through these stages. The final chapter is designed to help the teenager cope with the emotions that surround death.

"Going Backwards." Klein, Norma. New York: Scholastic, 1986.

"Blow Me a Kiss, Miss Lilly." Carlstrom, Nancy White. New York: Harper & Row, 1990.

Reading List from the Northern Virginia Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association


"Fading Memories: An Adolescent’s Guide to Alzheimer’s Disease" written by adolescents for adolescents from the American Health Assistance Program. $5. Call 800-437-2423.

"Danger at Rocky River: The NeuroExplorers in a Memorable Misadventure" by Dane Chetkovich. Available from BrainLink Materials for $7.50. Call 713-798-8200.

"Just for Teens: Helping You Understand Alzheimer's Disease." Fact Sheet; Alzheimer's Association. Chicago, IL: Alzheimer's Association. 1997. 2 p. 1997. (800) 272-3900; (312) 335-8882 ( TDD); FAX (312) 335-1110. Internet access: PRICE: Single copy free. Order number: ED234Z.

This fact sheet is designed to help teenagers understand Alzheimer's disease (AD). It explains how AD affects a person's ability to think and do things, and why people with AD sometimes act confused, scared, or angry around others. It also explains how caring for someone with AD affects the family. Suggestions are offered to help teenagers cope with their own feelings about the situation and participate in activities with the person who has AD. Suggestions include keeping a journal and making a memory box.


"Just for the Summer" 30-minute video available from Churchill Films for $129.95. Call 800-334-7830. Curriculum manual available from the Alzheimer’s Association for $25. Call 800-272-3900.

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