Consumer Protection: Signing Contracts

Whenever you or an elder engage a professional – lawyer, building contractor or insurer – to perform work for you make sure you carefully review the contract and follow these guidelines:
  1. Get all estimates in writing.
  2. Ask for work references, then call them.
  3. Read and understand contracts BEFORE you sign.
  4. Never sign a contract with blank spaces.
  5. Keep a copy of the contract, signed by the con-tractor.
  6. Read and understand what your guarantee covers...and does not cover. Have verbal guarantees put in writing.
  7. Don't shop for price price and quality. Find out if you are entitled to a refund or an exchange, if dissatisfied.
  8. Understand layaway commitments.
  9. Read ads "between the lines."
  10. If in doubt, check the firm's reliability with former customers, or the Better Business Bureau.
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