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This is the access page for the Online Edition of ElderCare Online's Learning Resource Guides and Prism Care Assistant supplemental products.

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   Choosing a Nursing Home Choosing a Nursing Home (ONL001)

   Managing Medicines Safely Managing Medicines Safely (ONL002)

   Coping With Alzheimer's Disease Coping With Alzheimer's Disease (ONL003)

   Recovering From a Stroke Recovering From a Stroke (ONL004)

   Preventing Frauds and Scams Preventing Frauds and Scams (ONL005)

   Talking With Your Doctor Talking With Your Doctor (ONL006)

   Understanding Incontinence Understanding Incontinence (ONL007)

   Complete Library Complete Library of Learning Resource Guides (ONL008)

   Prism Medical Planner Bonus Pack Prism Medical Planner Bonus Pack

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