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--- Pharmacy Discount Cards ---

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Don't wait for Medicare to pay for prescription drugs! Save hundreds of dollars each year on prescription drugs, dentist visits, vision care, and eldercare services. Choose from an annual or monthly membership to our savings club. Select from thousands of providers and pharmacies.

We have partnered with a leading discount savings provider to bring you the Prism Care Card. This is not a form of insurance. It is a membership organization that pools its buying power to bring you substantial savings on healthcare products and services. You don't file forms or claims. You save right at the point of purchase.

While the program covers numerous healthcare services, it is ideal for those with substantial prescription drug costs. Savings on prescription drugs average 15% when used at one of the thousands of participating pharmacies nationwide. Just think how much you can save if you or your loved one regularly takes even three or four different drugs every day.

If you have any questions, call us toll free at

- 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
- Free access to "Managing Medicines Safely" online tutorial
- Unlimited prescriptions and refills

   Prism Pharmacy Care Card (Annual Membership) CARD002
   - We offer an annual membership for $49.95.

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   More information:
  - Preview our directory of providers
  - List of Participating Pharmacies
  - Visit the SavRx Mail Order Pharmacy
  - Download our drug price comparison worksheet (no purchase required)
  - Compare prices for dental services
  - Download membership application to mail or fax

  - "Tips on... Saving Money on Prescription Drugs" (free article)


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