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June 1, 1999 Vol. 2, No. 6


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Take a look at our new front door! Your comments and suggestions have led me to redesign the front door to the website. Now you can easily access the eight eldercare channels – Alzheimer’s Care, Home Care & Independent Living, Insurance Coverage, etc. – through quick hot links. You can see more clearly the comprehensiveness of the site, browse articles and publications, and if you’re in a hurry, you can jump to our other features. Please revisit the site at http://www.ec-online.net.


ElderCare Online wants you to know that we take your privacy seriously. We have a rigorous policy that protects your personal information from being accessed inappropriately and without your consent. We’ve followed eTrust’s stringent processes and developed a custom policy that protects you from snooping and spam. We’ll never give out your e-mail address or personal information that you provide to us. To read our detailed policy, visit our website and click on "Privacy."

NEWSLETTER SPONSOR – Alzheimer’s Ease Songs at Twilight

Alzheimer's Ease Presents
Songs at Twilight

An eighty minute audio cassette of specially selected familiar songs from
the early twentieth century arranged and performed by four music
therapists. The music is proven to be clinically effective as a behavior
management tool when played in a quiet environment.

Feedback has been consistently positive, repeatedly describing special
care units that have been changed by the music from chaos to pleasant
social environments. The music is especially effective as it elicits quiet
singing. It seems to transport the residents back to familiar safe harbors
of their childhood homes.

The first testimonial came from a grateful son who by playing the cassette
prior to a shower changed his mother's behavior from resistance to
compliance as she sang along, turning what would have been an ordeal into
a pleasant experience for the home health caregiver.

The second testimonial came from a wife whose husband asked her to dance
when she played the music. A victim of dementia, he had not initiated any
social interaction with her in years.

Please visit the Alzheimer's Ease web site at:
http://www.nh.ultranet.com/alzease/ , where you will find an order form for Songs
at Twilight. Or e-mail: alzease@nh.ultranet.com and send $15 plus $2 p & h
to: Alzheimer's Ease., Box 664, Exeter. NH 03833

WHAT’S NEW – New articles in the archives and one each specialty channel

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By popular demand, we have produced Release 2.0 of our successful software assistants. We’ve converted the assistants into Adobe Acrobat files – a universal format accessible by MacIntosh and PC users alike.

The ElderCare Organizer and the ElderCare Medical Planner are useful tools to help you manage your elder’s personal matters and medical appointments. These are free to ElderCare Online members and visitors – our gift to help you improve the quality of life for your elder.

Geriatric Care Managers and Professionals: If you are interested in reprinting these helpful and popular tools, contact us about low licensing rates. Note that visitors are permitted one copy for personal use only. Reproduction or sale of the assistants (or any other site materials) is strictly prohibited and protected by copyright laws.

Simply download the free Acrobat software from the Assistants page and you’re set to go!


We’re working on putting up a stable chatroom for elder caregivers to learn from guest hosts and share support with each other. Please be patient while we deal with these technical hurdles. Thank you everyone for your support and suggestions. I look forward to chatting with you all again soon.


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