Oklahoma Neighborhood

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The Oklahoma Neighborhood includes the following sections of links:

  1. Government Links

  2. County Offices for Aging

  3. Local Services and Agencies

  4. Associations

  5. Alzheimer's Organizations

Government Links

   State of Oklahoma

   Tax Commission (Tax Forms)

   Senior Health Insurance Counseling Program

   Department of Human Services, Aging Services

County Offices for Aging

Agency Name: Grand Gateway Area Agency on Aging
Street Address: 333 South Oak Street
P.O. Box: PO Drawer B
City: Big Cabin
State: OK
Zip: 74332-0502
Telephone: 918-783-5793
Facsimile: 918-783-5786

Agency Name: Area Agency on Aging Eastern Oklahoma Development District
Street Address: 1012 North 38th
P.O. Box: PO Box 1367
City: Muskogee
State: OK
Zip: 74402-1367
Telephone: 918-682-7891
Facsimile: 918-682-5444

Agency Name: KEDDO Area Agency on Aging
Street Address: Votech Administration Addition, Highway 2
P.O. Box: PO Box 638
City: Wilburton
State: OK
Zip: 74578-0638
Telephone: 918-465-2367
Facsimile: 918-465-3873

Agency Name: SODA Area Agency on Aging
Street Address: 422 Cessna
P.O. Box: PO Box 709
City: Durant
State: OK
Zip: 74702
Telephone: 580-920-1388
Facsimile: 580-920-1390

Agency Name: COEDD Area Agency on Aging
Street Address: 400 North Bell
P.O. Box: PO Box 3398
City: Shawnee
State: OK
Zip: 74802-3398
Telephone: 405-273-6410
Facsimile: 405-273-3213

Agency Name: Tulsa Area Agency on Aging
Street Address: 110 South Hartford, Suite 100
P.O. Box:
City: Tulsa
State: OK
Zip: 74120
Telephone: 918-596-7688
Facsimile: 918-596-7653

Agency Name: NODA
Street Address: 2901 North Van Buren
P.O. Box:
City: Enid
State: OK
Zip: 73703-2505
Telephone: 405-237-2205
Facsimile: 580-237-8230

Agency Name: Areawide Aging Agency, Inc.
Street Address: 3200 NorthWest 48th, Suite 104
P.O. Box:
City: Oklahoma City
State: OK
Zip: 73112-5910
Telephone: 405-942-8500
Facsimile: 405-942-8535

Agency Name: Association of South Central Oklahoma Governments
Street Address: 802 Main Street
P.O. Box: PO Box 1647
City: Duncan
State: OK
Zip: 73533-1647
Telephone: 405-252-0595
Facsimile: 580-252-6170

Agency Name: South Western Oklahoma Development Authority
Street Address: Building 420 Sooner Dr.
P.O. Box: PO Box 569
City: Burns Flat
State: OK
Zip: 73624-0569
Telephone: 405-562-4882
Facsimile: 580-562-4880

Agency Name: Oklahoma Economic Development Assoc.
Street Address: 330 Douglas Avenue
P.O. Box: PO Box 668
City: Beaver
State: OK
Zip: 73932-0668
Telephone: 405-625-4531
Facsimile: 580-625-3420


   Oklahoma Association for Home Care

Alzheimer's Organizations

Alzheimer's Foundation of America Chapters

Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral Center (ADEAR)

Alzheimer's Association Chapters

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