Activities & Crafts for People with Dementia

by Jan Allen, CSW, MSE
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Here are a few interpersonal activities that you can share with your loved one if they have Alzheimer's Disease or other dementia. A list of resources is included at the bottom of this article.

(not all romantic, some friends)

Mutt and ____ (Jeff)
(Lucy)______ and Ricky
Romeo and _______(Juliet)
(Roxanne)________ and Cyrano
Mom and _______(Pop)
(George Burns) ______ and Gracie Allen
Bert and _______(Ernie)
(Laurel)_________ and Hardy
Porgy and ______(Bess)
(Adam)______ and Eve
Dagwood and _______(Blondie)
(Tarzan) _______ and Jane
Fibber McGee and __________(Molly)
(Lone Ranger)___________ and Tonto
Roy Rogers and _________(Dale Evans)
(Cinderella)____________ and her Prince
Batman and _________(Robin)
(Superman) ________ and Lois Lane
Lassie and ________(Timmy)


salt and pepper
sugar and spice
shoes and socks
love and marriage
comb and brush
pencil and paper
husband and wife
buttons and bows
ice cream and cake
peaches and cream
bread and butter
thunder and lightning
hand and glove
sun and moon
pork and beans
knife and fork
black and white
meat and potatoes
night and day

More activities and crafts will be added in time. Please forward your ideas to ElderCare Online at

Resources for Activities for Folks with Dementia

Many of the items listed here are books that have been picked up over time at various conferences, book stores, senior products catalogs, etc. I sincerely hope they are helpful.

1. Senior Products ( This company has a huge variety of products that are appropriate for folks with dementia. Phone: 1-800-428-5127

2. "One to One is Not the Loneliest Number, copyright 1991 by Mary A. Amick
          Amick & Associates
          P.O. Box 193
          Scotts Mills, OR 97375

3. Moments to Remember (topics for reminiscence activities), copyright 1989 by Rebecca Karras   (Available now from Write for a free catalog. Other titles are available: "Crafts Through the Year" by Lynn Hawkins, "Yesterdays" by Nancy Dezan. They also have games, videotapes and audiotapes suited to an older adult and dementia audience. ElderSong Publications, P.O. Box 74, Mt. Airy, Maryland 21771.

4. Activities Encyclopedia : 535 Best... by Marge Knoth. (Available now from "Creative Forecasting", a monthly publication for Activity Professionals. This magazine is loaded with great ideas. It cost $48 per year to subscribe; but maybe you can talk your local library into carrying it. Or, perhaps you know some kind hearted activity director at a nursing home who would let your borrow his or her copy. Creative Forecasting, Inc. P.O. Box 7789, Colorado Springs, CO 80933-7789 or call 719-633-3174.

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