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Welcome to ElderCare Online's Caregiver Support Network

So often people are pushed into the long-term role of caregiver -- but often they take it on willingly. This support network is being developed and nurtured so that experienced caregivers can help newbies to learn the ropes, to limit the crippling isolation of caregiving and to give all elder caregivers a creative outlet to vent frustrations and share positive energy.

There are many "traditional" outlets for caregivers, such as church support groups, networks of friends and families and professional organizations. We will be using the Internet's powerful connectivity and technology to break down time, knowledge and geographic barriers.

ElderCare Online's Caregiver Support Network brings together online resources, groups and experts to create a virtual community dedicated to improving quality of life for you and your loved ones.

If you are in need of assistance or want to lend a hand or ear, please feel free to join in the many community events. If you have any suggestions or know of a resource that belongs in this network, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Discussion Groups
(Real-Time Chat Support Groups)

Check the ElderCare Community Center for our complete schedule of chat sessions produced by ElderCare Online. We present regular support groups with experienced moderators, set (but flexible) topics, and supportive peers.

We now provide access to chatrooms maintained by other websites. The World Wide Chat Guide includes links to chat sessions every day of the week!

In-Person Support Groups

Caregivers stay healthy longer and are less stressed through regular association with support groups which afford practical advice, understanding, and affirmation. We are compiling a directory of organizations that offer in-person support groups for eldercare and Alzheimer's caregivers. Please e-mail us at to tell us about your groups.

WellSpouse Foundation -- WellSpouse gives support to wives, husbands, and partners of the chronically ill and/or disabled.

Children of Aging Parents Support Groups -- CAPS refers caregivers to appropriate groups anywhere in the US and encourages the formation of new groups.

Long Island Alzheimer's Foundation -- Support groups in Nassau, Suffolk, Bronx, Kings and Queens Counties outside of New York City.

Alzheimer's Association -- Support groups around the country for people caring for loved ones with Alzheimer's Disease. See also the Neighborhood Network listing for your specific state for local groups and other Alzheimer's Disease listings.

Activists & Mentors

ElderCare Online's Caregiving Activists & Mentors help to answer your questions, host chats and support groups and stimulate discussion on the ElderCare Forum message board.

Jan Allen -- Jan is the supervisor of aging programs for the Waukesha Region of the Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She has worked extensively with family dynamics, problem solving, placement issues and the range of caregiver concerns. Her website includes several practical articles based on her years of professional experience.
Visit Jan's Place on the Web. . .

Susan Grossman -- Sue created an Alzheimer's caregiving website after taking on the challenge of caring for her mother-in-law. She provides practical tips and an emotional outlet for caregivers.
Visit Sue's Place on the Web. . .

Edyth Ann Knox -- Edyth Ann brings a wealth of wit and wisdom to our community. She is a pioneer in online support groups and an experienced hands-on caregiver. She has worked in home care, nursing homes and most recently in her own home as 24/7 caregiver to her mother-in-law, Milly.
Visit Edyth Ann's Place on the Web...

Pauline Sheehan -- As a home-visiting registered nurse case manager, I have empowered homebound clients and their families to cope. My B.S. degree in health-care administration and thirty years in the health-care profession developed my specialized skills, experience, and empathy to write "Hugs for Caregivers".
Visit Pauline's Place on the Web. . .

Dorothy Womack -- Dorothy is an award-winning poet and compassionate caregiver. She is using her personal experiences as a caregiver for her mother to help others meet challenges at the end-stages of Alzheimer's Disease.
Visit Dorothy's Place on the Web. . .

Become an Activist -- Do you want to help? Contact Rich O'Boyle for more information. While these are unpaid positions, we do try to provide benefits to you such as free web pages, promotion opportunities for professionals or the opportunity to be published.

Ask Casey

If you want to ask our network of experts a specific question or need general help, just "Ask Casey" our virtual care manager. "Casey" is our team of activists and mentors, as well as other experts who we call on from time to time. All of these people volunteer their time and expertise to help answer your questions and steer you in the right direction.

When submitting a question to Casey, please make sure that the answer(s) are not already posted to the ElderCare Forum (see below) or contained in the many articles on this website. When we answer a question, we try to post the original question and the response(s) to the Forum so other caregivers can benefit from them. We will remove any personal information from reposted items to protect your privacy.

There is heavy demand for this service. In the past I have not been able to keep up with all of the questions and some fell through the cracks. If you submitted a question in the past, check the Forum to see if it has been answered -- if not, please resubmit it. We do not yet have the resources to answer all questions at this time, but will certainly try!
- Ask Casey a Question. . .

ElderCare Forum

The ElderCare Forum is our online message board and Q&A archive. It is a great place to post questions, respond to other caregiver concerns or start a dialogue on issues that are important to you. The Activists and Mentors will browse the postings to help answer questions and to keep the discussions rolling.
- Participate in the Forum. . .

Supportive e-Lists
(E-mail Support/Social Groups)

There are several established "e-List" groups on the Internet. These are "listserv-type" mailing lists of people with similar interests. Over time, they blossom into tightly connected groups of caregivers and professionals who exchange tips, ideas and the ups and downs of caregiving throughout the course of a day.

How they work: Members of the list can send a mass e-mail to all othewr members and receive responses from the same. You can usually request to receive one "digest" of all of the day's messages, or to receive each individual message. I recommend that you receive the Digest until you are comfortable with the potentially large volume of messages.

I have listed some of the most active eldercare e-lists. If you belong to others, please let me know so that I can add them to this directory. Most of these lists are maintained off of the ElderCare Online website, so we can not be responsible for the content or technology glitches (however rare). You will have to subscribe to each of the lists individually.

Why subscribe to e-list support groups? FAQ Coming Soon
Netiquitte for Newbies (and Relics, too)
FAQ Coming Soon
Chat Lingo and Chatroom Tips
FAQ Coming Soon

Alzheimer's Support Newsgroup -- Traditional newsgroup that is provided by your Internet Service Provider. Participants focused on sharing knowledge and providing support to each other. Tight-knit, and very friendly group. (May not be available through all ISPs). Access at

ALZHEIMER -- An e-mail discussion group for patients, professional and family caregivers, researchers, public policy makers, students and anyone with an interest in Alzheimer's or related dementing disorders in older adults. ALZHEIMER is intended to provide interested individuals from various perspectives an opportunity to share questions, answers, suggestions and tips. Maintained by Washington University in St. Louis. Subscribe. . .

AlzheimersCaregiving -- A list for any and all family or professional Caregivers of gents and ladies with Alzheimers Disease. If you are a Caregiver consider yourself one of God's Unsung Angels, for it takes a very special heart to insure dignity and quality of life for all regardless of age or state of health. Whether you are caring for a loved one at home, or in an assisted living home, come and share your thoughts, problems and feelings with us.  We are here to support you, and maybe we can learn some tips from you! Subscribe. . .

adultcaregivers -- This mailing list is for adults who are caring for their aging loved ones, or "parenting their parents".  Many times, isolation and depression come out of feeling alone in the day to day care taking of not only the immediate family (husband/wife/children) but also other family members.  This mailing list is for those who wish to find support, a listening ear, and information on services available in their area of the United States.  It is open to everyone, but the link for more information is focused on United States residents. (Founded by ElderCare Mentor Mary Waggoner) Subscribe. . .

friendlycaregivers -- For caregivers of family members and/or professional caregivers (nurses, etc). This list is for anyone who is involved in caring for an ill or disabled loved one.  Part time, full time, primary, secondary, any caregiver is welcome to sign up here for support, friendship, and live chats with others in similar situations. Subscribe. . .

Caregiver's Army -- Advocacy organziation of caregivers committed to gaining more funding and resources for family caregivers. Also has a friendly network of caregivers who share information and tips. Subscribe. . .

01caregivers -- A place where caregivers can discuss all the issues revolving around caregiving, either private, professional, or public (meaning in-home care and facilities like nursing homes or adult foster homes).  Caregiving is very isolating and stressful, feel free to talk about anything that is on your mind. Subscribe. . .

hospice -- This mailing list is dedicated to those involved in the hospice experience: nurses, doctors, HHAs, chaplains, and most importantly, caregivers and those who are receiving care.  This is a place to share your stories, unload your feelings, ask your questions and exchange your ideas on the issue of palliative care of the dying. Subscribe. . .

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