Pauline Sheehan

I specialize in giving caregivers permission to take care of themselves and to show them how to do it. As a home-visiting registered nurse case manager, I have empowered homebound clients and their families to cope. My B.S. degree in health care administration and thirty years in the health-care profession developed my specialized skills, experience, and empathy to write "Hugs for Caregivers".

I have worked with families in cardiac rehab, open heart recovery, intensive care, nursing home administration, home care, Parish nursing and diabetes education. I was a long distance caregiver to my father and my sister. I enjoy my harp and my shade garden and thank God for my husband , six children and seven grandchildren.

I speak at retreats, support groups, and diabetes classes as well as television, radio, and newspaper interviews on topics such as humor, exercise, taking care of myself, diabetes, healthy eating, weight management, stress reduction, chronic pain, chronic illness, and the spiritual aspect of physical health. My certifications and degrees include BS, RN and CDE.

As an ElderCare Online Mentor, I will be answering your e-mailed questions to Casey and occasionally responding to postings in the ElderCare Forum message board.

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Hugs For Caregivers, by Pauline Sheehan

"Just like a real support group these caregivers on a retreat find humor,
support, and practical advice from each other..." Treasure Omdahl,
Bereavement Services Coordinator of Hospice and Home Care.

"... From the beginning right on through the appendix, this book is a
wonderful gift. The suggestions in the appendix are especially helpful for
anyone wanting to provide care and encouragement to caregivers." Nancy Slind,
Care Team Coordinator.

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