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I am Edyth Ann aka Bubblehead. I am also called lovingly by many in my online support groups as Queen Bubble, The Queen of the CareGivers. For the last 8 years I had been caring for my mother-in-law with Alzheimer's Disease at home. She passed on July 1, 2000 at home with the family with her. Prior to caring for Milly, my mother-in-law, I had worked in a NH in the 1970's and I did in-home care for an agency in the early 1980's. Oddly enough those that had Alzheimer's were the cases of my choice back in those years. Little did I realize that some day I would have the full responsibility of caring for a family member with Alzheimer's Disease of my own.

During the 1970's Alzheimer's Disease was just not a word you heard when you were talking about the elderly that were affected with the disease. It was usually called "senile", "just old age", "crazy" or "out of their minds". It was not untill the 1980's that I first heard the word Alzheimer's Disease used for these elderly people that were affected. It was during that time I was doing home care for an agencey. These people were my favorite to care for. I was also fortunate enough that the agency felt that I had potential and they helped provide me with as much sources of info they could. Too many back then knew very little about Alzheimer's Disease and did nothing to further their knowledge of the disease. Generally in the 1970's and early 1980's the most common way to treat those with this disease was to keep them restrained any way they could.

Thankfully though things really began to change from just a few years ago. When I started caring for Milly I already had some information as well as some ideals I had from my experiences and what I did know of their care. There was much more information for me to absorb too. The greatest was that the thoughts of their care had changed greatly and surprisingly matched with the care plans I had developed over the years. It was then I also found the wonderful world of the internet and the value it had in passing on knowledge and support. I found it to be one of the greatest source to develop support groups for CareGivers that like me, were now homebound with their Loved Ones.

Best Wishes,
Edyth Ann




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