Welcome to ElderCare Online's Medical Research Assistant. This tool is intended to help you educate yourself about medical problems facing the aging population. This guide provides links to authoritative medical resources on the Internet.

It is not intended to be a sole reference for medical care. Consult qualified medical professionals before making any medical decisions. ElderCare Online does not assume responsibility for the accuracy of any of these external websites, nor does it endorse them as preferred sources.

Reference Books & Databases

Merck Manual of Diagnostics and Therapy -- THe most frequently used medical textbook available online for free and unlimited use.

Merck Manual of Medical Information - Home Edition -- New interactive version that uses everyday language to present information about diseases and treatments.

Merck Manual of Geriatrics -- Interdisciplinary approach to geriatric care with information on nursing homes, pharmacy, dementia, and, rehabilitation.

MedlinePlus from the National Library of Medicine -- Access to extensive information about specific diseases and conditions, links to consumer health information from the National Institutes of Health, dictionaries, lists of hospitals and physicians, health information in Spanish and other languages, and clinical trials.

Cornell Medical Library -- Excellent directory of medical libraries and resources for researchers and students.

Medical Glossary from the Office of Rare Diseases -- Information on more than 6000 rare diseases, including current research, publications from scientific and medical journals, completed research, studies, and patient support groups.

New England Journal of Medicine -- Prestigious medical journal. Abstrats and summaries available for free. Subscription required for full-text articles.

Mayo Clinic Health Oasis --Reference articles on diseases and conditions you can read about signs and symptoms, causes, risk factors, when to seek medical advice, screening and diagnosis, complications, treatments, prevention, self-care, coping strategies, and complementary and alternative medicine

Professional nursing research paper help is available at SmartWritingService.

Quackwatch -- Guide to Health Fraud, Quackery, and Intelligent Decisions.

Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's Disease Education and Resource Center (ADEAR) -- Information, referral, clinical trials, multimedia presentations, and news on Alzheimer's Disease.

Locate an AD Research Center -- State-by-state listings of Alzheimer's Disease Research Centers across the United States.

Alzheimer's Society UK -- The Alzheimer's Society is the UK's leading care and research charity for people with all forms of dementia and their carers.

Alzheimer Europe -- This Web site has been translated into the 11 European official languages.

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke -- Research, news and information on diseases and disorders such as stroke and Parkinson's Disease.

Subscribe to the Alzheimer Mailing List -- The Alzheimer Page is the Internet Gateway for the Alzheimer List, a free e-mail based support group for family caregivers and professionals.

Brain Donation Program -- Information for families about autopsy and brain donation programs used to advance science and make difinitive diagnoses.

Memory Loss Test -- Online test from the Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer's Disease Center at Northwestern University.

Drugs & Pharmacy

RxList -- The Internet Drug Index -- Fast and reliable information for professionals and consumers.

Directory of Drug Assistance Programs (free from drug companies) -- It lists company programs that provide drugs to physicians whose patients could not otherwise afford them. The programs are listed alphabetically by company. Under the entry for each program is information about how to make a request for assistance, what prescription medicines are covered, and basic eligibility criteria.

State Drug Assistance Programs (USA) -- At least 28 states now have established or authorized some type of program to provide pharmaceutical coverage or assistance, primarily to low-income elderly or persons with disabilities who do not qualify for Medicaid. Most programs utilize state funds to subsidize a portion of the costs, usually for a defined population that meets enrollment criteria.

FDA Guide to Buying Medical Products Online -- With hundreds of drug-dispensing websites in business, how can consumers tell which sites are legitimate ones, especially when it is very easy to set up a site that is very professional looking and promises deep discounts or a minimum of hassles?

Clinical Trials

Article: Participating in Clinical Trials -- Article written by Mary Sano, Ph.D. and Christine Weber, Ph.D. from Columbia University.

Clinicaltrials.gov Database -- Authoritative and comprehensive directory fo research studies for people with dementia and other diseases.

FDA Draft Guidance on Informed Consent for Research Participants -- Can people with dementia give their informed consent for research studies? Government authorities are trying to develop standards for these types of studies.

ElderCare Online Resources

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